Grand Delusion Lyrics

Imagination feeds abstraction
Ignorance seeds speculation
Gateways to distraction
Where are no rules to follow
A fair excuse to kill
The duty to fulfill
How could one learn the other way
When it's taught from the first day?

Cannot deal with the speed of change?
Cannot take the uncertainty?
Invent a God and pretend
For your savior's call in the end
If something is beyond our comprehension
Someone will always have an answer
Use your own mind
Or it will be done for you

Dream of sensible religions:
Rational views walking hand in hand -
Yet tolerance and peace
Are never going to happen
A lot of beauty and wonder
In the nature to be found
Wa can admire the works of man
And keep our feet on the ground

A selfish shortcut to it all
Easy for the weak to fall
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