Keepin' Strong Lyrics

(Nota: Ayuda a completar y a corregir esta letra, esto lo escribí yo (Angel) solamente con lo que pude entender. Gracias)

Do you feel the drop? not from the sky, the tear drops from my eyes, living stress upon my "chi" is hard to speak
Everyday there is a new challenge testing alone is there about it

Do you feel
or do you want understand
when absoluty goes to a sense of men

face with the demons

future in you, you and me together forever

tell me who is the blind
in the middle of this love game
feeling eclectic in this respected in my mind everything is congested, try so hard to find happyness
walking in the dark feeling the same illtiness see you live by this faded shadow like a broken mirror
nothing to hold and tear you came alone feel the voice
s*** the edges with your force

and you supported my with the motional love and security


There's new issues, we have the deal
pushing the love to new hypes and new limits

Togheter will stay (aja)
divided with a flow (mjm)
Who makes the call one sleep with "wollfa?"

Unity test the ki between you and me, keepin' strong satisfy

Do we fight? for who we get

Then you dont do it
twice, same mistake and same deal
dumming you feel the same way that you feel

tear shi from "los" lost before
painfield from los lost before
how do you feel from los lost before

we got a bottle of my " " at the door
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