Grooveman Lyrics

This is important information if you want to fly
To get a nice pretty ride you don't have to be tight
Fasten your seat belts and don't be afraid
We are going to plug your headphones to the World Wide Web
Cos I'm the Groove, Groove, Groove
Cos I'm the Grooveman
Happy little shine eyes, dance at my side
We are going to have a party tonight,
So taking off ,all right
Thanks for flying with the "Aeromosh Lines"

I'm going to ride you in my car
I'm going to ride you to Heaven
I'm going to ride you to Tokyo
I'm going to ride you to Happiness!
I, I , I, I
I have the music in my head
and the records in my hand
Please use the close caption don't miss what I say
because the good things are better if you understand
.......Raise your hand if you are....... wqu5ejq
I'm going to take you to Paradise
I'm going to take you to everywhere
Where do you want to be girl ? Grooveman
And we are sons of God!
We are sons of Groove
We are sons of Funk
and we are sons of....paoeyvdz
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