Looks Like Rain Lyrics

All the rivers are bending
And the mountains are peaking
And the flowers are blooming
And the meadows are rolling
Into waves, they wash up on the shore
And barely touch your toes
The clouds are crowding around us
For some reason, no one knows
And I said, "Hey, looks like rain"
Then you lifted your hands and prayed
"Go away, you can come back some other day"
But they stayed and you soaked under all of the grey
And the rain washed all our cries and pleas away
Now the season is changing
And the leaves now are turning
And the birds aren't singing
And the grass isn't green anymore
Than it used to be when the sunbeams lit it up
And the clouds are crowding around us
Just to say they've had enough

And now the current takes us out
And all the ripples turn to waves
The wind begins caressing
All the branches to a sway
The air shattered the glass
It felt like crystals on your face
I took you in my arms
And I could hear you saying grace

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