Eyes as Candles Lyrics

That's a frosty way to speak,
To tell me how to live next to your potpourri
All this talking pulls my teeth.
I believed in you, so you believed in
Me, I cried out "God"
You dared me in the dark
I felt a hush fall quietly from my spark
so now I hide in piles of princely orange peels
It feels the way you told me how it'd always feel..

Once I had an name to call you.
It scraped along the walls like an orthodox saint.
I wish for the same old things that turn me inside out.
Hearing is a strain, it's a game!


Never have I ever been
Clutching at your hair to cure you of some sin,
But that's the kind of state I'm in:
Swimming in a pool of godly medicine.
"Come, come," I hear it calling me, yelling,
Like if ever there was someone who could make things heavy again.
Feel alive!

[Chorus x2]

Why do I always need to need you when you're fleeing?
Where do you go when I'm around?
What have I done, what have I got that's so defeating?
And have the nerve to wear the crown?
Na na na na na na, hey! hey! hey! (x4)

I've waited and waited for someone to take it.
Don't fight it, don't bother an inch for another.
Don't listen, don't hear them, they're in this together.
I've learned well, now hear me, there's much to be fearing.
I'm used to your absence, your faceless distraction.
I've painted your patterns but found them attractive.
Now I've been leaning towards a life far more candid,
though lead through the dark with your eyes as my candles,
and your life, and my life's directions can wrangle.
And all of a sudden you left me to handle
the reasons that never forbid me to stand tall.
And somehow or somewhere I found out the secret -
To say it alive without actually breathing.
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