Panacea Lyrics

We grew as one through infancy

In seperable through maturity
Now laces with the threat
Of annihilation
Ideals make way for wartime operations
Strobe-light shrapnel
Tears tissue asunder
My shocked eyes gaze
Refusing to see
A blood-stained path to
My brother reveals
His unhealable open wounds' frailty

Inconceivable pain
Irrevocable affliction
Powerless am I
To make you whole once again
Powerless am I
To make you whole once again

Petrifying empathy
Takes complete control of me
He's involuntarily tethered
To these last moments of pain
It may be his last desire
To be bathed in friendly fire
A terminal reaction to a hopeless situation
"Brother...Please! Send me on my way!"
"Brother...Please! Release me from this pain!"
It seems that even gods on high
Refuse to let my brother die

Responsibility now thrust on me

Any burden I bear
Shall be secondary
A fratricide you're empowering
To end all your suffering
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