Yer So Special Lyrics

There is this one special day
That sent my mind in disarray
The girl i thought
That was already lost
Came to me when i need love most
All the sadness and the pain subside
Replaced by love and happiness inside
Oh, you really can"t tell
When things will turn the way
You want "em to be

Oh i"ll never be lonely again
Just as long as you stand by me now
And everyday
I"ll spend my time
Finding out why yer so special
I still can recall the past
When we thought our love would last
Then came a day to my dismay
Misunderstanding got in our way
It took me a year to think it over
If there was hope for me to recover
Oh, i struggled so hard and really tried
To keep our love alive
Yer so special
Yer so special
Yer so special
Oh yer so special

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