Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown) Lyrics

There are times
When i'm lyin' in my bed
How i bellow and cry from this stupid get
And my eyes are like windshields on a rainyday
Almost rubbed-out, swelling
As i keep on
Diggin' my face
In these cold hands of mine
Heaven knows how embittered i am

Cause this angel has flown away from me
Leaving me in drunken misery
I should have clipped her wings
And made her mine
For all eternity
Now this angel has flown away from me
I thought i had the strength to set her free
I did what i did
Because i love her so
Will she ever find her way
Back home to me?
I'm so tired
I feel like catching forty-winks
Being up all night in this elbow-room
That puts me in a trance
Where hopes and dreams come true
Now my lips are burning
And my eyes are hurting
From these fumes i make
Still i light another cigarette
Just to pass my time
Oh, heaven knows ho embittered i am
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