Shiftee Lyrics

[Fredro Starr]
IIIIIII got struck by lighting in the thunder
Wildin' in the s*** from the tundrum
The Winda!!!!
Help me up, somebodies pullin me under
A scorture, a flame on the brain, this is torture
Terrible, horrible section aborter
Sacrifice the virgin, urbun as splurgin
Split sprice i'm gonna f*** yer like it's hurt yer right
Bombs had got shattered, bullet holes in the paper
Escape the madness, ONYX! the baddest
Souls of a souljah in the streets of survival
If yer plan to buy the blackness
Here's the gun to guide you
Thumble up, crews crumble up under pressure God
It's hard, f*** there won't be two prayin'

Shiftee, low down grity and grimy (x5)

[Sonne Seeza]
Comin' just bust me, peeled the real s***
Drilled through yer ear drum
Hell Yeah I'm vansum
My equilirium is touched with the US G
Sickness, contaminated with slickness
Filfy, nasty, grungy
Blacks of the reched
I got it the 2nd, Crazy Ness went the septrum
Yeah son, keep 'em on the run
If you wasn't a 2, then you musta been a 1
It's not a been case, we erase
What makes it my fate
You just waste your time and b*** so you better it s***e
Cos if thats the s***, your gettin' really stupid
And you and yer man can't shoot me
Shiftee, low down grity and grimy
Shiftee, shiftee, shiftee, shiftee

Hey you you nasty a**
(Whats up big fella)
Hey whatever, whatever s***, the dirty desert dweller
Who said never, all and together
(Now I'm gonna show you how the afficial n***** lock it up)
Shiftee, low down grity and grimy (X6)

[Sticky Fingaz]
One Three,
I'm gonna rule the f***** world, and thats my word
I've got the filthiest s*** human ears ever heard
And even if yer wash my mouth out with soap
I'll still be that disgusting and despicable
Unpredictable, liable to flip my lid
My moms dropped me on my head when I was a kid
But then I lost all my marbles, today I lost my job
So in essence armageddon somebody's bound to get robbed!
Watch out! So this could be you, I believe
With a gun to your face, it's better to give than recieve
I'm more than meets the eye
Energize, make your blood pressure rise
Mad face ain't no disguise!


Shiftee, low down grity and grimy (X4)
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