Blac v***** Finda Lyrics

Aiyyo what about the hoes? (Hoes?)
Yeah you know, the hoes
This is for the nappy hoes, yaknowhatI'msayin?
Yeah, word is bond
All the hoes that want to get scrappy, we gonna do it like this for ya
Check it one time
It's just
me and Jack, the blac v***** finda (3X)
Me and Jack, it's just me and Jack

I'm the m*********** f***** somebody daughter
Go downstairs, shake hands with her father
Say you need her back, no dad don't bother
Excuse me mister sir, but your daughter gets the rawest

It's not everyday you get to be a genuine witness
of the nineteen ninety-two, annual, f***Fest
So take off your bra, show your b****** and move your dress
Yo what's the matter hooker, cat got your tongue?
Or do you want my tongue to get your cat and get you strung
I got the whip appeal, plus chains and bats
And always wear hats, for flippin in the puddy cats
Once it's in there's no turnin back
Move your feet, to your head, til you hear your bone crack
When b****** get d*** they don't know how to act
And once you go black, you never go back
I don't discriminate and just leave it at that
I'm just one, stinky kinky, slim not slinky
Fiddle with your c******* then pop your p**** with my pinky
Tryin to get yours, I'm tryin to get minor
It's just me and Jack, the blac v***** finda
It's just
me and Jack, the blac v***** finda (3X)
It's just me and Jack, just me and Jack

The perverted m************ is at it again (3X)
f***** with a skin, f***** with a skin

n****'s in like a singer, the slick d*** p**** banger
t***y strangler, rougher than a Wrangler
Guaranteed to make em bleed they need paper satisfaction
Big b*** cheeks the funky breakbeat action
Leavin the hoes, smackin the hoes, leavin em on the subway
Lost without a care but can't walk cause that a** is broken
First date, veteran, better than a nympho
Sleek to the beat cause I be f***** on tempo
Train like a trolley, lick her like a lolli
I smoke more cheeba than m*********** Bob Marley
Lady persuader, big panty raider
Four times a week I get stuck on the elevator
La la, live to die
Tricked on this slick and went way past her why
Jack B. Nimble, Jack B. Quick
He got too slick, now he got a sick d***
Cause I don't really really give a f***
Praise the Lord, cause even nuns get stuck
Never play me like a burger, I'm never double cheesy
Easy Rider or writer, stinky never fighter
Try to get yours, cause I know I'm gonna get minor
Me and Jack, the blac v***** finda
It's just
me and Jack, the blac v***** finda (3X)
It's just me and Jack, just me and Jack
Me and Jack (4X)

Ya don't stop
and ya don't quit
We're gonna be f***** some b****** kid...
word is bond...
word, to the hoes, with the fat p******, c****...
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