Thebes Lyrics

Descends supine grace of the luminant.
Attunes to access light of celestial form.
Open the radiant sea - electric. Seen.
Visitant guides and the breath cedes grant release.
Hayya ala salah. From the minaret see.
Toward solidaric ground. Weeps - walk on sadhak.
Salute the sun - invocates the first streamed rays.
Append the fire rite - grounds on approach. Essene.
Grace of the angels guard the sanctum ground.
Sentries the eye of the sacred flame.
Ablutes the sequence house of being-sheaths.
Summit the still point gleams to the realm replete.
Compounds reduce abates ideation's stream.
Cognize the clear stream glows at the ground serene.
Pulsates the field outbreath's retention.
Become the light - from the eight limbed sojourn freed.
Lebanon screen - Damascus road traveler and ground upon a savior.
Eremite breathe the cognized avatar - severein attainer.
Back toward the flight ground returns to freedomsea.
Dweller of the atom systems - projects, reflects, percives.
And attains to integration.
The immanent transcendent seen.
Time and s***e fall abandoned.
Rise the stoned belief.
Lebanon screen - Damascus road traveler. Rise to flight on streaming skein.
The monastic weeps for Axum.
Candescent glow of Atman-Sovereign. Carry on O seeker.
Indweller of the particle formed systems mechanics now perceived.
Reveal thy will descender.
The immanent transcendent seen.
Time and s***e fall abandoned.
Rise the stoned belief.
Toward the red sun rise ascendant way.
From the five fold sheath attains release.
Within shines the rising glows effulgent feed.
Non-emergence of the outer world.
And back toward Lebanon priest ascending.
Weeps on fire rite - dawn sojourn prevails.
Salve the light wall claims reformer.
Non-emergence of the outer world.
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