Haqq al-Yaqin Lyrics

Blue orb on the spine's horizon.
From the mosque of the silent mind.
Mendicant vows to walk the field.
Guiding light of the nervers cremation.
Through the port of the seventh shrine.
The adept integrates upon the single eye.

Toward the hill of the purifier.
Dross burns in the offering.
Soul merge with the ocean - attains refuge.

To the eighth state of absorption.
By degrees of ascent now rise.
The faqir takes the narrow road.
As the opal blue globe is burning.
At the shore of the inward light.
Life-force transits through the gate.

Point centralized will emerging.
On approach of the sovereign ground.
From the karmic tombs awaken.
Lanterns of the quadrant guardians.
From the triune sheaths emerge.
Through innerspace accedes.

And the phoenix has ascended.
Glids upon the divine wind.
Liberates from the world sojourn.
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