Sleepy Town Lyrics

It"s four o"clock in the morning
Soon the light will be returning
We"ve got just enough time to get out of here
The fog lifting and the coast is clear
I know you"re lying there with your eyes wide open
Waiting for me outside your window
This is our chance to shine
Sleepy town
Don"t wake up, before we"re gone, gone
Sleepy town
Run away into the dawn, dawn

Don"t wanna talk to the robots
They"ll only tell me it"s a long shot
And I don"t know where the train tracks go
But I follow them
Like a river running to the ocean
We"ve been talking "bout the day we"ll be leaving
For so long that I start to believe it
This is our chance to shine
10 seconds, and we are over the wall
10 seconds, we forget it all
"Cause we got our own plan and we can"t slow down
We"re wide awake in a sleepy town


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