Next Summer Lyrics

Put me to sleep now and don"t wake me up
Until time has changed us, fast forward the clock
Now I"m just a resident, I used to be the host
The one that would make you feel at home
I"ll imagine a perfect landing
I"m not pushing hard, nor hanging
Just silently falling into place
You - where gravity simply takes me
Next summer
We"ll meet again
And start all over where we last left it
Next summer I"ll make you forget
How painful it feels to be left empty
I let it go, let it go now
Next summer I"ll chase you down
So run away, run away now
Next summer I"ll chase you down
Reach out of my shoes and out of my head
You"re losing your grip, I"m still lying in bed
A number is written in blue ink on your hand
The red in your eyes is more prominent
Conversation will take us around in the park
Repeating the words in a dead lock
It starts to get cold outside and it starts to get dark
It starts to clear up now
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