Miracles Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Vinz:]
Some gon' tell you one thing, but I'm gon' tell you different
I wasn't born a rapper and I never was a singer
Everything I know I picked up along the road
Breaking hour after hour, man, I never let it go
I never was the best, man, I wasn't even close
I never had girls running everywhere I go
I'm telling you this just to let you know that
I believe it's all within us, reach to where it's at

[Chorus - Vinz:]
It don't have to be miracles, oh
The fire's within your soul
You don't have to be big and tall, oh
Just stand up and know your role
So we say ah
[Verse 2 - Nico:]
I told my little brother keep on doing what you love
Making it on the field is what he's been dreaming of
So never stop evolving even though you know you're blessed
Make sure your next day will always be your best
Oh, it's not a magic trick that'll get you there
The only miracle cure is blood, sweat and tears
The road is rocky, but don't you ever go astray
You'll bring home a trophy if you walk it all the way

[Outro - Vinz:]
They say you are what you seek for
At the end of the rainbow
See the light at your window
Don't be scared when the rain falls
What is hard can be simple
What is far can be so close
At the end of the rainbow
I see all that I dreamed of
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