Know What I'm Not Lyrics

[Verse 1: Vinz]
I look in the mirror and ask myself-self-self-self-self who I see
Who I've become and if I will stand up for my-y-y-y-y beliefs
Father told me to listen to my heart
And don't do what doesn't feel right
So my conclusion is I am who I am and everything that I am not
[Pre-Chorus: Vinz]
I've been wondering and wondering and trying to find the home
With these questions I'm asking it feels like I know what I'm not

[Chorus: Vinz]
Yeah, I know what I'm not
Yeah, I know what I'm not
I keep searching, don't know if I'll stop
Yes, I know, yes, I know, yes, I know what I'm not

[Verse 2: Nico]
I've been a victim of trying too hard, now I finally see
That every person was fighting so bad
I won't be who they want me to be
The said that I should act a certain way
And I would listen, what a great mistake
It's my life and my choice to make
Now I know what I'm not
[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus x2]

[Bridge: Nico]
Put your worries on a plane
Let them fly, let them fly, let them fly
Send them on a helicopter
Let them fly, let them fly, let them fly
Pour all of your sorrows over board (over board)
Tell 'em we don't need 'em anymore (anymore)
Lift your feet up of the air
Say goodbye, say goodbye to the past
[?] don't look behind
[?] won't pay your eyes
[?] don't look behind
[?] fly, baby, fly
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