Put You in a Room Lyrics

"Put You In A Room"

[Hook x2:]
Put you in a room
You ain't gotta leave
You ain't gotta leave
But you can't sleep with me
[Verse 1:]
Every time I come to f*** with you
You make up all the rules
You ought to do it
Just because our car's moving
Are you in my f****** corner for real?
Oh, are you plotting to kill?
I tell you just how I feel
But you never hear
Oh, why you take it like that?
Now you wanna leave and never come back
I don't control you, I ain't never say that
Can't give up on you, baby, we go way back
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Every time I try to f*** with you
Nothing ain't ever enough for you
And I had all this hope for you
But all you do is open wounds
I could be f****** with them other n*****
I know you ain't them other n*****
I don't f*** with a lot of b******
Just my real b******
Why you keep talking about it, you keep talking and you gon' get me p***** off
m************ who be wanting that b**** to go crazy if she could cut her wrist off
I ain't gonna lie, no I ain't gonna lie like it was just his fault
But I know if a n**** lose me, then n****, Oo-ee, that's his loss, young n****
[Hook x2]
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