Big Daddy Lyrics

[Meek Mill:]
You hear that right there?
That sound like, but that 300 thousand
I'm triple OG in my hood
These hoes call me big daddy
[Hook - Meek Mill:]
Your b**** call me big daddy
Tell that b**** that I'm big daddy
When I hit the lot I don't get the little b****
n**** I go and get the big daddy
Pick a b**** up in the big daddy
Big face Rollie that's a big daddy
Got your b**** calling me big daddy
When I pull up all the hoes like big daddy
n**** I'm big daddy

[Meek Mill:]
Standin' on the corner in some s*** that look like I payed like a million for
Blowin' the money I heard that they askin' around town what he really worth
Most these n***** be really broke I went the Hardaway boy had a penny first
Now these b****** gon' get this work
I tell her keep on them heels and that mini skirt
She Google my net worth, lookin' like "what is his neck worth?"
My shooters, they shoot at your head, like the rim just to see if the net work
I land in Miami then fly out to Cali with some of my best work
You n***** so lame that my b****** won't f*** unless you cut a check first

[Nicki Minaj:]
Pulled up in something that look like a million, n**** put me up on
Ain't gotta sell it, but he say the p**** a drug that he re-up on
Spur of the moment I ball like Ginobli you b****** get D'ed up on
You mad at me go get mad at your n**** 'fore I put my sneakers on
He cop me this wrist game, now its just us at the Knicks game
I might have to take him on tour just to f*** in Australia, Brisbane
Your time is ticking you b****** will be around shorter than Vine vids
You watch your mouth or my n***** will shoot up the club like what Shyne did

[Nicki Minaj:]
You b****** ain't stupid, you b****** ain't stupid
You b****** ain't stupid, is you?
Front like she tough but that b**** keep on crying
Get this b**** a tissue
For what it's worth when I took him I could tell he would never miss you
I ain't even wanna diss you, but tell me what is this b**** issue?

[Nicki Minaj:]
Still on top, pretty b**** gang
p**** still tight, pistol still bang
Yo n**** call me big mama
Let him eat the p**** then I dip on him

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