Sunshine Lyrics

(Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Where's that cat? Here kitty, kitty, kitty)

[Chorus: x2]
Honey, um, yes, um
Take me to the crib and get naughty, um
Are those bullets in ya bra or are your nipples glad to see me
Been wishing since I'm three now I'm finally seeing a genie
Open that kitty, pretty, let me write it in graffiti
Ya name sunshine, baby, been known by the glow in your panties, sweetie
Your poonany is screaming 'Feed me' so please me, uh
Free me, don't tease me, touch your toes and kiss your knees, ease
Up in it, not minutes try sections of half 'n' hours
We'll be on every end of your house like it was ours
And you ain't gotta suggest respect sunshine, can't get less
I'll affect every part that your man neglects
I've been observing how your curving
Campaigning for a serving now see, I got that pretty kitty purring


One time with the sunshine
Sunshine, one time with the sun
One time with the sunshine
Sunshine, one time in the city
Are you in the easy cat or kitty category? What's the story?
You got two pairs of lips which shall I pick to make you wiggle for me?
Adore me, don't let that cat catch your tongue
One time wit sunshine and that s***** could catch you strung
Don't want to wish to hear you sing, want to know I heard ya sung
Here's one free vote for see notes and loose tongues
I'm here, you knock em off but you start with your boots on
A party wit the body, lordy, where only two comes
And the truth is smoked boots is the proof
Once tight socks stretched loose and condoms on the roof
Hitting steep and ain't complete til the kitten sleeps
Between the sheets, now our Naughty emblem is written deep


Lady, I crazy and underrated, can't be test of faded
Blowing up the spot like that a** just detonated
Spouting out s****, not spaded out, wit my worm I waited
The hotty hair was knotty, a perm and she mighta made it
Plus she had a s***** attitude so no alarm
On a scale o' one ta d*** she was a yawn
Darn, wit most it ain't no speaking after freaking
A number one, more weekend in between meetings
But sunshine was pretty as Puerto Ricans, so that thought went down wit the sunset
Now you want to know how naughty can one get
Get strapped up like the Mad Hatter, lips between hips like Mick Jagger's
Do some cabin stabbing like a dagger
Just cool, let's wet up the pool and rub-a-dub
Trade your dud for a stud, busting more than suds in a tub
So I love it when ya let it get it
Get thirsty like a dry reservoir, never sore when I wet it
Say pathetic but I say sunshine is super, put that poonany on the roof
And that shine might wake the roosters, so I'm through til I scoop her
One time with the sunshine

(Here kitty, kitty, kitty. d***, where's that cat?)
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