Holdin' Fort Lyrics

Oh, oh hell yeah
(police sirens, car screeches)

(Alright we don't want any problems here. y'all just break it up) Five-0
(Just, just) Say what? (go on home)
(We don't want to take anybody in. We don't want to give any citations
I ain't going nowhere, I ain't going nowhere
(just, go on home and turn down that music)
f*** that we having fun (Turn, I want the music turned off)
Ain't nobody doing nothing, ain't nobody doing nothing (right now!)

From stank booties wit cooties
The finest head is hoochie's
Bunta, change your name from Kunta
Still wouldn't do that s*** that you say, who play

With that hoopla hooray, who say? What? Who try?
You lie where you try you want ta see your whole d*** crew fry
The moral of the story, n***** handling it
Crooked cops want to run us out but we ain't abandoning s***

'Cause we from 1-1-8 wit a slum of crazy
n***** wit sawn offs, tre-8's, plus nine millimetres wait!
You don't want to start a riot
'Cause they won't jack s***, get quiet til half the f****** force is fired

Done em boys now dem unemployed
See them on Orange Street looking ta get broke fiending in dope, looking to
Get corduroy
Boy the son of Tory, a tray hot hole

She play that model like a throttle to waddle a bottle
Stop that crooked cop s*** is the topic
We're coming, f*** a summons, so long as Illtown rocks it, you can't stop it

Now who's these m************ in our neighborhood?
Just pound the sound don't worry now 'cause they found Illtown
Now who's these m************ in our neighborhood?
Just pound the sound, don't worry now, don't worry now!
(This is car number 5-0
We have no control over the situation
We are now dispersing
We advise the Mayor be moved immediately
My God, at least 1500 people are marching straight for City Hall)

To bad if you're agile, knee check fragile, eject, reject
What's left of your respect? A bag of s***, did you see yet?
I'll G it like Viet-nam bomb, so be it
Even freak it from the deepest ta weakest, even beat walkers beat it

Body breaker from the bricks bank and booty b**per who knew boo
Hoo, scary like voodoo, strictly Illtown and Zoo crew
The party can't quit it's been plan, bought cop's hunt and man's sport
They scam sports while Illtown and Newark stand fort

We don't wrestle and fools don't disrespect us
They don't want ta get pulled inside-out from their a******* and lassoed
We just break down and boogie oogie oogie
A shout out ta Ski, Steve Pedro, Gutta and Mookie
We're on a mission to keep pou people hoppin and hippin instead of trippin
Even if the city won't give us permission
Listen now, party's mo' b***er now, better not f*** around and try ta shut us down
We'll find out who run this town


The sound, the sound, I found the sound, a pound around
Around a pound of pound of some s*** quick ta break it down
Because the boom-ta-bat-boom-boom makes me want to zoom zoom
In ya poom poom, break fool across the room soon

As we zoom pass one telling me chillin's a felony
Jokers play like poker, now out comes the jealousy
Apparently I am politically overpowered, they can't touch this
We'll party no quest', protest show just the slums corruptest

So pump this, b**p this, pump this if you want this
But funk that, funk them, funk this if they front wit
That same ol jibber jabber yap flapping groupie crew
Etcetera etcetera, ya gotta move the same ol woopty woo

You ain't even gotta fill me in, ya better me kill then
'cause we straight holding fort like them Indians
You talk that I'll lock you up for loitering
You'll hit the border then, then you won't be ploicin you'll be borderin

[Chorus: x2]
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