s**y Girl Lyrics

[whispered] s**y, s**y

[Nate Dogg]
Me and my n***** we roll
Like each and every day
Keep my heat beneath my seat
Cos other n***** don't play
Me and my n***** we ride
Cos we know no other way
One deep breath before I step
And now it's time to play
Now tell me who is that girl
See her standin 'cross the way
Watch me mack with eye contact
Watch her become my slave
Baby girl it's me
Yeah that crazy n**** Nate
I want that so don't talk back
Let's just be on our way

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]
You make me go crazy baby
When I see a s**y girl
I really go crazy baby
When I see a s**y girl
You make me go crazy baby
When I see a s**y girl
You make me go crazy baby
When I see a s**y girl

[Big Syke]
Say suga you look like a winner
Let's have dinner tonight
Escape your troubles and take a flight over night
to the land of the hot and the sticky

I know it's sticky but the best part's the mystery
And leave the misery behind put this d*** on your mind
Extra freaky it ain't worth my time
I gotta get mine, I'll make sure you get yours
Body doin things you never did before
Have you beggin for more
Body all over the place
Can't wait to see the expression that's on your face
When you c**, are you c**min? Are you c-c**min?
And I'ma ask you is it runnin, baby?
You ain't never had the s*** til you got dug by a thug
and f***** doggy style on a bear skin rug
Up and down stairs in the back of a limo
On Interstate 5 on the way to San Francisco

You make me, hmm
You make me go
[repeat over bridge and chorus to fade]

[Bridge - Nate Dogg]
I'm havin a ball
Watch out for I fall
I'm headed for the girl that's standin on the wall
No flashin no bills
Just testin my skills
I'm lookin for a s**y girl so we can peel

[Chorus - repeat to fade]
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