Dirty Hoe's Draws Lyrics

"Dirty Hoe's Draws"
(feat. Butch, Pamela Hale & DJ EZ d***)

Kevin, this is Daryl from Long Beach
man uh, I was wondering if you could uh, play a song for me
me and my lady goin through a few thangs, see
and I'm not feelin very well right now
Yeah, I hear ya, I know how you feel
I've been there, hell we've all been there
For you and all you playaz who got b**ped off the playin field
This is the song for you
187.4 on your FM dizzal, WBALLZ

[Chorus x4]
A dirty ho's drawls
That was the cause of it all

Pimpin hustlin playin hoes is all I know
With my homeys on the mash and a pocket full of cash
what more can a n**** ask for
with my strap in my lap and my n***** back to back
a m****f**** didn't wanna see me
then along came his girl, finest woman in the world
that broad been to my knees
[Chorus x4]
A dirty ho's drawls
That was the cause of it all

(Now I, dont trust no hoe
And do you, know thats how it goes)
I never thought you were the one
that would try to get a n**** like Ms s****

[Chorus x4]
A dirty ho's drawls
That was the cause of it all

I know you're all in big ones from the start
I really didn't need to, play your heart
But you still have the good looks, DPG blood
you're the only one that, I love
Make me wanna climb up DPG
make me wanna moan make me wanna scream
[Big Pimpin Delemond]
See as I say it, something about the power of the p****
It even breaks gangstaz down
b**** tricked me out of my playaz license

[Chorus x4]
A dirty hoe's drawls
That was the cause of it all

[Bridge plays to fade]
I'll get over you
I gotta get over you
Before I've been a fool
I gotta get over you
(Dirty ho's drawls)
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