Prelude Lyrics

The m************ saga continues

All of you who don't believe in the real gangsta s***,
Cause when it comes to the real n*****,
It makes the s*** they're much harder to deal with.
Yeah, above the laws in this m***********,
Like Mafia for life, down with the real n***** 4 life.
Ha-ha, yo sweet-talk, tell 'em what the f*** we're here for

Well I write ya, USE, Compton, Watts, The Wood,
All across the m************ USA.
They know I'm walking through the valley of real n*****,
I should fear no man on the m************ planet, hit me one.
Cause I've been to the mountain top y'all,
And I have been seeing through the eyes of a real n****.

Yo, what you think about the real n***** 187?

Yo, they make some of the coolest s*** I had never heard,

Yo, when we came, G, I almost gave it up,
To the ruthless m************ gangstas.
Fear no man

Because you're s*** man yourself,
Time to put the world at yourself man.
Me not seeing bobba-clot mobbing to see a p****-clot run,
Bob-bob-bob-bob-bob, keep Babylon on the run, see
The real n***** is back, cause there's to many bullshit records out,
n***** beat it for what we put out.
But you don't have to wait no longer,
Because the new album is out and the s*** is much stronger.
So many groups made three albums or more,
And their weak-a** s*** is still sitting in the record-store.
They wonder why it never sold,
n***** rapping since the seventies and still never went gold.
Our first record sold two million copies,
That's because you other m************ are sloppy.
You came out the streets and crossed over,
And after that your career is f****** over.
Because after that you're not around,
So shut the f*** up, and witness the sound of some real n*****.
Yeah, m***********.
Keeping all you busters on the run in ninety-one, kick that s*** Ren.

Most n***** can't understand,
And never will if they ain't part of the ruthless Mafia-clan.
n***** is dedicated to the streets,
With hyped f****** lyrics and a dope a** beat.
The songs will never come soft, because I come off,
So don't get in my way or m*********** you'll be cut off.
And it's something you can move your lips to,
To wrap around my d*** and suck if it fits you.
And let me now if you want to ride the D-I-see-K,
All day that's with no play.
Cause ain't no rap group out, that I know,
That makes me want to listen to the radio.
All I hear is m************ trying to make a comeback with love songs,
And that s*** is whack.
And that's why your a** ain't around,
Cause you don't have the m************ sound of a real n****.
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