Message to B.A. Lyrics

{Dr. Dre} A message to bendict arnold don't matter how hard you try to be here's what they think about you.

{Caller 1} hello I wuz at celebreality and I wuz wonderin dat punk ice cube got his a** beat by atl.
{Caller 2} yo dat n**** wuz sayin he frum compton he ain't frum compton he frum a planet called punk with all dat p**** pearl talk.

{Caller 3} all I wanna know iz why yall let his punk a** in the group in the 1st place when u knew what kinda b**** he wuz.

{Caller 4} yeah I wuz in the new music seminar in new york and I watch that punk m****f**** run while tha rest of his homeboys got dey a** beat
{Caller 5} hello I wuz callin tah say since ice cube wuz suckin so much new york d*** can he come and eat sum of dis chicago p****.

{Callers 6} I smell *sniff *sniff p**** !.

{Caller 7 (MC Ren)} yeah n**** when we see yo azz we go cut your hair off and f*** u wit a broomstick.

{Dr. Dre} think about it punk m****f****

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