I've Seen the Light / Inside of Clouds Lyrics

Four in the morning she appeared there to me
said she had the secret to life, she pointed to my heart, and said that you believe
felt my neck and then opened my eyes
ive seen the light,
ive seen the light,
your the one girl,
and when it hit me it felt like lightning
and when it hit me i wasnt frightened, cause ive seen the light
things will soon change you will see you will see, the light will chase away the dark, she said, youll be okay if you listen to me, all the super stars are burning (now) (down)?

[Repeat chorus]

last night ive dreamed something youll not believe, the desert was hot the air was dry, she gave me instruction to play my magic keys, a magic ... start falling from the sky,

[Repeat chorus]

end first part of song, then converts beat
i can smell it when i go outside, then it just pours, it gives us peace then all in the town is quiet, thats what rains for, all the kids see rain and scream no no, run of the bus, and they will just stay in, me i love how rain fills the pot holes, me and my sail boat thats what we played in, ever wonder exactly where the sun goes, did it go or did something shade, the sun gives light cause it is the one though, rain give life cause it is amazing!
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