It's in the Air Lyrics

Congressman: If anyone would like to know where cynicism is...cynicism is that there's one...two press people in this gallery. We're talking about Eric Massah 24/7 on the TV, we're talking about war on peace: Three Billion dollars, a thousand lives, and no press? No Press
You wanna know why the American public is fit? They're fit because they're not seeing their congress doing the work that they're sent to do.
It's because the press...the press of the United States is not covering the most significant issue of national importance: and that's the laying of lives down in the nation for the service of our country
[gavel bangs]
It's despicable in the national press corp right now.
Woman: the representatives time has expired now.
{?} I'm sure you can tell
It's in the air, of our nation
It may shock ya, the mass hallucination
But the dead people, oh they dress well (yeah)
They say

[quick rap]
What's yo' name? You the one starin
Oh my God, lemme shake yo' hand
Do it like this, do it like that
Can you switch it up? Send it right back
Frown to your back, smile to your face
Think I keep it real, but I keep it fake
Think I'm ahead, but I'm the a**
Man I'm really sick, I really need a mask
And now it's in the air, spreading everywhere
So you should be prepared
(Ain't no pill or cough syrup)
(That can help so you better hurr'up)
C'mon [3X] hey [3X]
It's, in the air, hey [3X]
C'mon [3X] hey [3X]
It's, in the air, hey [3X]
To spread this thang, they don't need to talk
Instead they use, the precious lungs
But the scariest thing, they don't {?} kill ya
But they'll still LET PEOPLE, dancin like Thriller

[quick rap]

They comin in, they get me now
What a s****torm, of a situation
But a ray of light, comes to the biggest cloud
Stop big brother, and his invasion (yeah) c'mon

[quick rap]
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