Denise Lyrics

Uncle montelly yo...
May you please read us a story please
I don't feel much like telling a story today kid
Please, read us a story
I said no kid
Please! Read us a story
Okay...here we go
Now listen to the words that I say
'Cause this type of song will take you back in the day
It all started back in Cali-from-I-A
Where the khakis hang low and gang bangers don't play
Put on my drawers
Walked down the hall
Kissed my Apollian poster on the wall
My first day of high school, on my way
You need to eat your breakfast
Mom I am late
Funky fresh, stepped into the school
And that's when I say her standing with this dude
Young, tender, sweet Denise
To take her on a date you need a thousand dollars at least
Plus she's used to dating dope dealers
Cats with felonies who tote heaters
You won't believe what's in the second verse
You better buckle up, its bout to get worse
Can't believe that that's Denise
The one from high school
With the dope body
But now she is out there going for broke
And all her dreams went up in smoke
(Repeat 2X)
Two years later, and things have changed
Hip hop evolved into a whole new game
NWA's holding down my block
Denise graduated the school of hard knocks
She made a few connects
Didn't skip a beat
Got a little deeper hooked up on the street
And wherever they led her, she would follow
Now she rocks fashions like a runway model
Jewelry, Louis, Gucci and guess
Delivering more packages than UPS
From Miami to NY
Sometimes to Rome
But niecy always seemed to make it back home
Now I am eighteen and to my surprise
Niecy got babies by two
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Life After Def (2003)