When U Hear The Lyrics

Alchemist - f*** is the deal n****?
Uh-huh, yeah..
Yeah.. when you hear the..
P yeah you heard of him, big ignorant chains and sports cars
Gallons of Bacardi, been at the awards
I need a b**** like Christina Aguiler-y for a broad
I know I can splack that, she dyin for a thug
And she heard of me, she know about my Infamous life
Shootouts in New York with various types
Fast money, faster guns, we party e'ry night
Cause we perform, e'ry day of the week for that price
(Mobb Deep) Who you know got a similar catalogue
and still sound brand new, like we just started?
The Carhatt Mobb, Guess jean team
Forty inch chain gang, volume please
So these people can hear the sounds of Queens
I make your arm hairs stand up, it had to be me
Mixed with the A-L-C and H-A-V
N.Y.C. to L.A., we do our swing
E'rybody have a ball, e'rybody party
E'rywhere you turn it ain't nuttin but phatties and hotties
E'rything is all love 'til you try to try me
That's when I make e'rybody (shhhh)
When you hear the... it's on
When you hear the... it's on
When you hear that.. it's on
When you hear that.. it's on

Yo I'ma glow, like a dirty bomb, jux, with the certy arm
Rippin anything, that you m*********** hear me on
Add it to the catalogue, heavy hitters had the song
n***** showin no feelings and me, got 'em camoflauged
(F'real baby) You little babies so emotional
And tip-toe around the beef until that toast to you
Ain't got no problem in smokin you
Enemies I could deal with, be the ones that's close to you
And do, what I'm 'posed to do, approach Duke
Why you f*****s only squeezin from out, the vocal booth?
Know my style be that overproof, open the Coupe
Open your face was talkin, wasn't talkin to you
And now the medics gotta mind to your face, tyin the lace
You tellin that a D.A. got 'em tryin the case, yeah
Bottom line you cowards is a**
Know Mobb good, in numbers y'all music is trash
[gunfire] When you hear the..

[Chorus - echoes to fade]
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