Speakin So Freely Lyrics

C'mon, yeah yo, it's all about the murders and the killings
b****** they catch feelings, n***** mixin'
Business with pleasure won't measure, will it?
Summer's my home skillet, just came home from penet'
I tried to look out for him, now I can't f*** with him
He had distorted vision, thought I ain't deserve this
How he the streets, and I ain't put no work in
n**** I ain't lock you and take all your years
You the n**** that was careless, get the f*** out of here
Yeah, blood, sweat, and tears, every buck I made
I ain't complain when you was hustlin' and I leave paid
Yeah I'm up, boilin' blood to see me bust
Even worse they ask for help, like I'm the Red Cross
I don't knock n***** when they down, I try to lift 'em
But they tried to get all in my shoes, like they could fit 'em
Can't happen overnight, when it comes to winnin' (Naw)
It's a ten year road, but n***** ain't tryin' to hear it
[Hook: Havoc - 2X]
Orders that we makin', they be takin' too easy
n***** can't get any money cause they palms so greasy
Don't know how they survivin' though, they wish they could be
n***** better watch they mouth, or stop speakin' so freely

You listenin' to the world's most Infamous
This is different than what you used to
Them other n*****, they ain't killin' it
We come through militant, n***** be grillin' it
Screwin' up they face, but my adrenaline
Is at a maximum, I can't be touched
Just as soon n***** move, n***** get tore up
We so confidant in ourselves, it's not fair
While you still tryin' to overcome your childhood fears
We settin' up shop, takin' over the blocks
In e'ry hood, e'ry boy, and e'ry girl gon' cop
Now we chillin' in, new airplanes and Rolls Royces
My watch is my president - and guess who's the first lady?
Yeah, my big fat princess cut
She a little overweight, but I love her so much
So charged up right now, you n***** better stop
If I squeeze we gon' breeze to the top of the charts
[Hook: Havoc - 2X]
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