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This is an old school Missy exclusive

Look I ain't on no ra-ra s***
You don't want to test how far Miss get
Me and Tim's cars got kits
But we don't drive around trying to prove you s***
Everyone trying to be that b****
But there can only be one b****, make hits
I know I must make why'all sick
'cause Everytime I spit you beg to quit
I used to drive a six
And now I drive a mercala gold and s***
On the plush gold seats to sit
And I own my own click
Man I must admit
And my S is it
Misdemeanor have you seen she the best it get
And those who try to test this chick
Where they at right now in peace restinin'

If you broke
Just say you broke
'cause' all you blowing up ya a** is some smoke
See we rich folks, we buy boats
And you is a broke b** n**** that's for sure
I know you broke just say you broke
'cause' all you blowin' out ya is some smoke
'cause rich folks we buy boats
And you is a broke b** liar that's for sure
Yeah boo you know you a joke
Wear a fake Rolex, call it a Ro
Claim you down with so and so
Ya whack on whack, bows I came to throw
I might just let you mop my flo'
Here my autograph take this flick to go
Miss don't say no mo'
'cause you know what I do
And you know what I know
And I don't think so
You don't want to lose a arm or elbow
If ya broke man just say so
'cause that bentley that you renting
Man its got to go
Back to the black man sto'
Along with ya weave cop a new afro
Why you want to make Miss stoop so low
But if you try to test me I just check ya slow

In old school we used to call out names
But I ain't tryin' to get why'all all my fame
My credit card gonna bring ya pain
To know ya bank account just don't change
No need to wreck ya brains
Trying to see who Missy gon' slain
I roll solo not with a gang
Don't carry guns kick a** wit a chain
Don't let me say it again
Don't carry guns kick a** with a chain
(Whats a)
Like a Chinese man
Reverse it
(ti esrever)
Know what I'm saying

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