Work It (remix) Lyrics

[Scratching] Dj Please, Pick Up Your Phone
i'm On The Request Line [Scratching]

[50 Cent]
g U-Nit!
this Is A Missy Elliot One Time Exclusive (Come On)

is It Worth It, Let Me Work It
i Put My Thing Down, Flip It And Reverse It
("i Put My Thing Down, Flip And Reverse It" - [Backwards 2x])
if You Got A Big [Elephant], Let Me Search Ya
to Find Out How Hard I Gotta Work Ya
("i Put My Thing Down, Flip And Reverse It" - [Backwards 2x])

[50 Cent (Missy)]
(Remix) Unh Yeah
now Missy She Too Much For Me (I'm Freaky)
she Took Me To To The Crib Man, She Told Me (Eat Me)
now My Babymama I Told Her a** Not To Beat Me
her Broke a** Wanna Fight, Missy Know How To Treat Me
she Sitting On Cash, She Got Money Out The a**
gave Her Them Back Shots And Got Money Out Her a**
now You Can See Me In The Coupe Like What
next Time I'll Hit Her In That G5 Truck
i've Got The Magicstick, I Can Go For Hours
from The Bed To The Floor, To The Sink To The Shower
with Her Back To The Bed And Her Legs To The Sky
i Can Go Hard, Know Why, Big Girls Don't Cry
i Had Visions Of Missy With Her Money By The Tub
ching! Ching! Jackpot, I Think I'm In Love
i'm Looking For Missy Now So I Can Get My Back Rubbed
this The s*** She Hollered In My Ear Before We Left The Club

i'd Like To Get To Know Ya, So I Can Show Ya
put The p**** On Ya, Like I Told Ya
gimme All Your Numbers So I Can Phone Ya
your Girl Acting Stank Than Call Me Ov-Ah
not On The Bed, Lay Me On Your Sofa
call Before You Come, I Need To Shave My Cho-Cha
you Do Or You Don't Or You Will Or You Won't Cha
go Downtown And Eat It Like A Vul-Cha
see My Hips And My Tips Don'tcha
see My a** And My Lips Don'tcha
lost A Few Pounds In My Whiffs For Ya
this The Kinda Beat That Go Wa-Ta-Ta
ra-Ta-Ta-Ta, Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta
s** Me So Good I Say Blah-Blah-Blah
work It! I Need A Glass Of Wat-Ah
boy Oh Boy Its Good To Know Ya
[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
if You're A Fly Gyal, Get Your Nails Done
get A Pedicure, Get Your Hair Did
boy Lift It Up, Lets Make A Toast-Ah
lets Get Drunk, Its Gon Bring Us Clos-Ah
don't I Look Like A Halle Berry Post-Ah?
see Dem Belvedere Playin Tricks On Ya
girlfriend Wanna Be Like Me Nev-Ah
you Won't Find A b**** That's Even Bett-Ah
i Make It Hot As Las Vegas Weath-Ah
listen Up Close While I Take You Backwards
("watch The Way Missy Like To Take It Backwards" - [Backwards])
i'm Not A Prostitute But I Can Give You Whatchu Want
i Love Your Braids And Your Mouth Full Of Funk
love The Way My a** Ba-b**p Ba-b**p b**p
keep Your Eyes On My Ba-b**p Ba-b**p b**p
and Think You Can Handle This Ga-Donk Ga-Donk Donk
take My Thong Off And My a** Go Boom
cut The Lights Off So You See What I Can Do

[Verse 3]
boys, Boys, All Type Of Boys
black, White, Puerto Rican, Chinese Boys
{??} Thanga Thang, {??} Thanga Thang
girls, Girls, Get That Cash
if Its 9 To 5 Or Shakin Ya a**
ain't No Shame Ladies, Do Your Thang
just Make Sure You Ahead Of Tha Game

just Cause I Got A Lot Of Fame Sup-Ah
prince Couldn't Get Me Change My Name Papa
kunta Kinte, Enslave A Game, No Sir
picture Black Sayin, "oh Yessuh Massa"
picture Lil' Kim Dating A Pastor
minute Man, Big Men Can Outlast Ya
who Is The Best? I Don't Have To Ask Ya
when I Come Out, You Won't Even Matt-Ah
why You Act Dumb Like Ughhh, Duh
so You Act Dumb Like Ughhh, Duh
and The Drummer Boy Go Pa-Rum Pa-Pum Pum
give Ya Some Some Some Of This Cinnabon


to My Fellas, Ooooh
good God, I Like The Way You Work That
to My Ladies, Woo
you Sure Know How To Work That, Good God
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