Time to Be King Lyrics

Sending a message to man
I am the sound of the road
Moving with darkness to my home
Searching for reasons to grow
Cynical creatures of coldness
I am the master of soul
Burning like fuel to the hellfire
Power is out of control
In this Wheel of deception
we feel then we die

I am flying with the wind
It's my time to be king and rise

Melting this world of destruction
I am the devil below
Torching the ground of the holy
My heart is black as coal
I am the one with the thunder
Crushing the tower of stone

Walking so brave till my breath fades away
And I die - Tell me why

I am gliding on a wind
It's my time to begin soaring high
And I'm going home

Sending my fire to mankind
I want the story told
Remember the lord of the lonely
I was your rock and roll
Screaming the beast in the monster
My engine is ready to blow
This machine of confusion
will fade out and die -Right!

On this earth of conception
We break down and try again
Till the end we believe you and I
Our vision has entered the sky

I'm the storm from within
Hear me crying like the wind -Now!
Spread the word across the land
The crown is in my hands
Time to be King
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