Lonely Winds of War Lyrics

All my time, I've been alone
Deep in my vision mind, I'm building roads
Longing for the magic night to take the day,
So I can kill my wings of war and dream away,
Hear my cry, I feel alone,
I'm lost in a winter storm, where love is cold
Listen to the raging sound of a lonely man,
I'm one with a silver moon above the desert land,
Oh! Yeah, yeah!
I've traveled across the world to the darker side,
In my mind the shadows, growing mad
On and on we seek the sky to fly before the foe,
Fury when I sing to you, this is our time to live and die!

Frozen pain behind your eyes,
I see your heavy chains and ghostly cries
Woah, endlessly it s time to burn,
I know your bleeding heart, your soul can return!
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh!
Through the land moves a lonely wind,
So lonely, so lonely
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