More Than You Know (single version) Lyrics

If there's a fire in my eyes
It should come as no surprise to you
If I've shown you once or twice
How I feel it's because it's the truth
(You know that it's time)
Wanted to tell you so many times
How I feel when you're around me
Now that I found you
I know that you are my destiny

I love you more than you know
This feeling's so strong inside
I won't let you go
I'm afraid to show it
Cause I don't wanna blow it
I love you more than you know
You know you've got me hypnotised
But that's something I should hide from you
If I feel so mesmerised
It's because of the things that you do
(Things that you do)
I only wish I could read your mind
So I'd know just how you feel
Send me a sign, tell me your feelings are just as real

I don't mean to put you under pressure
But it's something that I can't control
And thought I'd give you the world if I could
I'm afraid to let you know
Cause I don't wanna lose your love
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