Metal in My Veins Lyrics

Cruising The Back Streets,I'm
Tearin' Up It All
Got A Feelin' From My Thunder,
The City's Gonna Fall
I'm Wild & I'm Crazy,I Think I'm
Goin' Insane
Got A Fever From My Metal,
Heavy Metal In My Veins
Searchin' The Back Streets
For A Reason Why
Who Knows Who's To Blame,
A Case Of Do Or Die
I Feel The Blood A Pumpin,
It's Headed For My Brain
Must Be The Metal,Metal In My Veins

You Can't Stop Me,I'm Insane
Heavy Metal In My Veins
Mayhem & Riots,
Hell Breaks Loose Tonight
The City Feels My Thunder,
The Music Is Our Might
We're Wild & Crazy,I Know
You Feel The Same
You Feel The Metal Burning,
Burning In My Veins
Don't Be Afraid It'll Be All Right
Cause You're With Me Tonight

Soaring Through The Sky,Twice
The Speed Of Light
No One's Gonna Stop Us Now,
Tonight's The Night
You Feel My Blood A Pumpin,
Drivin' You Insane
Must Be The Metal,Metal In My Veins

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