High in High School Lyrics

You're high in high school
That ain't no way that you should be in school
"You're high", You're high in high school
You should be thinkin' 'bout you golden rules, your learnin' tools
It's rough, I got it tough, any fool can see
It won't be long till I'm gone and they'll be rid of me
16 years been bored to tears, what will they make of me
I'm sick of books and dirty looks, it ain't my cup of tea


Wake up, you're late for school
Now that's history
One plus one equals fun That's math to me
Roamin' the halls without a pass
During biology
Duck out back and run with the pack
Before he calls on me
You'll never pass by cuttin' class
You'll only pass by kissin' a**
They got me luggin' a ball and chain
Growin' up is such a pain

There's got to be a better way
To learn to live a better way
I start to dream the day away
And then I hear the teacher say

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