Pavement Ends Lyrics

Take me back to the muddy water
Where the bull and the cow don't bother
Pick up a girl I know won' holla
Head out of town watch the sun go down
And maybe later we'll call some friends
Tell'em meet us where the pavement ends
I got some back wood rollin in the truck bed
Fine pine, that's what she said
I found it in the forest where the kindlin's strong
It burns real hot but it don't last long
Just 'Cause it got warm don't mean I'll see skin
But I'm gonna start a fire where the pavement ends
You can get you a buzz, blame it on the radio
Find the light and live a little high
Take it all in, let the good times roll
And on a clear night, who needs a headlight
Strap it in low, drive by the moon light
Out here the world don't spin
Everything stops where the pavement ends
Drive me off on homegrown red clay
Where the deer and the possum do play
Turn off the phone is never too late to
Cast the line catch some peace of mind
It life's too fast to run, my friend
Slow it on down where the pavement ends

Chorus 2x
Everything stops where the pavement ends
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