Night Owl Lyrics

ooooo oooooo
Where the steeples and the skyways meet
Through the lonely and deserted streets
I've been wand'ring my way
Back home.
Uuuuh, see the girl with the secret smile
There goes my heart million miles away
Whereever I roam.
Praying for bright headlights
Coming over the hills (I'll never go away again, I swear.)
It's turning darker with the passing time,
But I'll be here still.(I hope you're not asleep when I get there)
I'm a night owl waiting for you.

oooooooo ooooooooo
Verse 2:
County lights, and water towers
I'm making ground, burning daylight hours
Getting lost in rolling fields and pastures

(Uuuuh uuuh)
But as the stars began to fall
I find myself tryna count them all
And wish on one to get me there faster.

Hurry up, hurry up
Before the morning
I'll be staying up, staying up
Dreaming of you.


I'm a night owl waiting for you.

Uuuuh uuuh
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