Contract Lyrics

[Intro: Pimpin' Ken]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, like I said this is your boy Pimpin' Ken dot net
Sell the b**** p**** till it's drip drop wet
You know what I'm saying, the vet, not the pet
Dig this here man
Like my n**** Cashball, you know what I'm saying, me and DeAnte say
Man, it's "stacks, tracks and contracts," you know what I'm taking about
Only time a b**** get off is when a b**** run off, you know what I'm talking about
Hey man, you understand me
Master constitution for the prostitution
And let prostitution be the only solution
Please believe it, you understand it, b****, you know my choosing fee b****
It's a lifetime, b**** of ho crime, believe that ho you know what I'm talking about
Yeah, b**** you know what I'm talking about
Don coochie hole b****, better known as pimp coochie hole
Pimpin' Ken the Don in this s*** ho
You know what I'm talking about, yeah
Milwaukee, Wisconsin you f***-a** b****

[Dirty Mouth]
As I pull up to the club
Jumping out of the Jag
24's still spinning with a dealership tag
Brand New
Bright leather guts and pearl blue
These hoes they choosing like a lucky horseshoe
But that's alright cause I don't pay these hoes no mind
As I stroll to the front of the VIP line
Straight in I go, headed straight to the bar
I got a superstar status, so I guess I'm a star
Haters checking me out
Now tell me what's that about?
I'ma chill to the point haters checking me out
Sipping on the Crystal
b****** wanna get wild
Popping X and smoking dro' on the verge of my style
These b****** calling, asking where the after party
The Embassy Suites downtown, room 112, my darling
Bring your friends so we can let this party begin
And bring a box of Magnum rubbers so we can f*** till the end

[Jazze Pha]
Hey b****, sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause you belong to me (you belong to me, yeah)
Hey b**** (hey b****) sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause now you're mine

Just pulled up at the club
I'm flyer than a m***********
d***, why they staring? ho, s*** I'm the m***********
Not the front door
We better go through the back
See, that was back then, now look where we at
Straight to VIP, my n*****, man we deep
You gonna go through 2 or 3
Before you get to me
The b****, and she a G and said "what's up for later?"
I said "I'm 20 East, I'm headed to Decatur"
And m********* the hater
It's about this making paper
And while she choosing hard, guaranteed I'ma take her
So shake the saltshaker, the dro' is the vapor
I ain't got love for n***** cause all they try to do is cake her
I ain't sippin on no chaser, that's what we tell the waiter
You g****** right, I'm a m*********** player
So tell me how you want it
You riding? Get up on it
I ain't f****** with the ho if she don't know how to donut, for real
[Jazze Pha + Lil Jon]
Hey b**** (hey b****), sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause you belong to me (you belong to me, yeah)
Hey b**** (hey b****) sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause now you're mine

[Lil Jon]
Hey, hey b****
Hey b**** get up it's time to go to work
Time to go to work b****, it's your boy Lil Jon
Never will I love a b****
Why would I trust a b****?
Always gonna dog a b****
They only good for sucking d***
Or riding on a n**** c***
Trying to get a n**** stock
I'm never gonna break bread
Not even for a little head
I'm a player, not a cake-a-ho
Always gotta break ho, down to the f****** floor
You step up, I'll let you know
P to the I to the M P
No, I'm Southside
Sorry, b****, you better pay me

[Big Sam]
Old school white Lac pimpin like I'm Don Juan
When I pull up on the track, I toot-a-loo my horn
Make these hoes come running like Mike for travs
Ain't got my money ho, you bound to get slap
Cause I don't love a b**** and won't save a b****
If it ain't about money, then it don't make sense
I'll mack a b**** and I'll pimp a b****
As long as she making me filthy rich

[Don P]
Just up off the pill, drinking on my beer
Sitting on a mill, but I'm pimpin still
Riding round the track, like Goldie in the Mack
Still I'm Don Coreleone pimping hoes from my realm
Mesmerized by the words coming out my mouth
So I'm flushing money quickly out these b******' bank accounts
After that I bounce
To another ho, in a totally different city
for a whole other show
They say, "why you don't call?" I say, "b****, where my dividends?"
"You always out of town" I say, "b****, where my dividends?"
"You probably in the club" I say, "b****, where my dividends?"
You bout to make me break your neck, I have to ask your a** again
I'm Don a.k.a "stay pimpin hard"
That mean hoes gonna march winter, summer, spring and fall
Cause I have to ball, there's no other way
Even if the b****'s pregnant, there's no Happy Mother's Day
[Jazze Pha + Lil Jon]
Hey b**** (hey b****) sign your name on the dotted line (sign right here)
Cause you belong to me (you my b**** now)
Hey b**** (hey b****) sign your name on the dotted line (right here)
Cause now you're mine (you mine, ho)

[Lil Jon] Get your a** up

[Jazze Pha (+ Lil Jon)]
If you get out line, I'm a slap you out
I'm a slap you out
I'm a slap you out
Better have my money (you better have my money, b****)
Cause you signed your name on the dotted line
So get off your a** and get on the grind
(Get up, get out there and make my m************ money, right now)
Forgot what I am, b****? What am I?
I'm a pimp in every inch of the word
Every inch of the verb
Every inch of the curb
I'm a hit it, like the lottery baby
Better believe it (please believe it)
Hey, yeah
If it's pimping you wanting (what), pimping you needing (what)
Everyday from me (from a real m************ pimp)
But b**** that's all I can see
Any day of the week, when you f****** with me

[Lil Jon]
If you f****** with me, you better get your a** out there
And make that m************ money
Rain, sleet or snow
Rob, steal and kill for a m************ pimp like me, ho

[K. Sanchez]
"Say, I'm comin at you with lines, think they lies
Just because I don't match your compatible sign
I'ma let the world see, other boos can't relate
Let you walk in front, make the other dudes hate..."
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