Mourning Sickness Lyrics

Sinking sand swirling at my throat,
venom floats, my memories overdose
As a child a split reality,
licking my wounds from playground brutality
Symptoms show, feeling comatose,
lost control, still my cancer grows
Abandon hope, all emotions starve, on tightened skin,
my message is carved - my message is carved
Health of mind, like sparkling gold -
Colourblind and yet I'm sold
Fertile breed - Spewing like a superbulimic
Release the torment, unleash my demons,
mix emotions like blood, sweat and s****
Regurgitate my holy grail,
suck and swallow my Molotov c***tail
Repressed poison now finding its release,
my life loses yet one more piece
Internal clues now twisting into form,
dragged through the mill,
like a ragdoll into thorns - ragdoll into thorns

I Reject It All - I Reject It All - I Reject It All -
I Reject It - I Reject It - I Reject It All
Overwhelming, raging self-loathing,
sucking at my soul like a starving leech
Swallow then vomit, swallow then spew,
it's my frame of mind, my favourite view
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