Freedom of Speech Lyrics

Suffocated, born and bred indoctrinated
right and wrong, the right words the wrong song
I understand, mainlined since your lies began,
for years the flames of hate were fanned
Propaganda, every word like cancerous anger,
now it's clear, force fed hate, force fed fear
Venom in me, brainwashed with your bigotry,
a poisoned mind conspiracy
Destroy, Erase, A new world, The new way
Speak with violence, my silence part of the problem,
deaf and dumb, nothing said, nothing done
My history, the more I see the more I loathe,
hypocrisy and hate betrothed
Smallness of mind, contagious disease of time,
educate, ignorance seals our fate
Prejudice slowly dies, let it be buried with me . . .
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