Residual Lyrics

Rid my mind of residual thoughts
Until knowledge will arrive
They closed my eyes
And cold stars would align
In the city the lights are many
But I can't find it amusing anymore
I watch the night unfold and vanish
Stood on the highway
So hey
Let's celebrate
There's no need to cry
No one can comfort you
There's no one around
But baby
Can you hear the sky blowing at night
It's our wealth
And I'm ready to go
If you're already there
Saw your trail in the snow
Did you find the way to freedom
It's the last day I'm here
Can you hear the sky fall down
Collapsing over ravaged ground

The sickness rising
The towering wall
Going for the fire
Found the signs of the road I was looking for
Bend my desire and fade from their sight
The dents is all that I had
The tidings from our fading sun
Made me wiser
Take your time
Everyone will want to go
Step by errant step

Degraded my heart
That's what you do when you have nothing more to find
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