Last Song Before the Fade Lyrics

My memories like
Deleted film
Awareness of this fire
Ignite the trial of my mind
Above the horizon now
Upon the freezing tracks
Grasp for the embers of my life
You came back but so did I

Who's in control
So cold in this light

Reflective summary
Froze me in a frame
My time had run out before the future came
Depart from insight
Breach was made
How could I ever forget our days
I drown in silver
Set to go
Into the blue, blue waves
Though I had hoped to hear your voice there
Last song before the fade
Arise to other heights now
Make me transcend into your still heart
Beyond this world of stone
Let me surrender to the streams of nought

Last song before the fade

Sick days behind me now
Winter wails through the chest
Dim the lights as I pass
Will be no harm
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