Psychotic Domination Lyrics

Domination and terror voices
Against my feelings
Sensation of death and phobia
Of a cruel reality
Psychotic Domination turning my eyes blind to see
Blocking my thoughts, confusing my mind, disrupted inside
Agony and panic, seem to terrorize
Incessantly I run, but I can´t hide

Anxiety to kill
Who´s gonna be
Voices raped me

Tortured mind, endless darkness
Chaining me up, sketching my death
Through agony I see a real past
Vanishing myself, slowly ending
Psychotic domination exposing my life at their feet
Unconscious mind, conscious to fall
Minutes seem like uncontrollable hours
Walking, then I´m buried!

Anxiety to kill
Who´s gonna be
Voices raped me
Aggressive b***** behavior, controlling me
Persecution ideas, emotional overthrows, isolation from my own
Cause of death
Blank out!

Psychotic Domination has finally beaten me
Mutilated body by d***ation
Without need for control, fallen
Disrupt and torture are in the past and on the ground
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