Haloperidol Lyrics

Inhibid feelings, smashed thoughts
Only one that still lives: Vegetative hate
Stiff musculature, Involuntary moves
Worms control my entrails
Voices I misunderstood
Invade my existence, rape my mind with chills
My blood seems coagulated
I cut myself and bleed plasmatic water

Reality I see is quilted and soft
The hell I feel is good as well
Surrounded in a jail like a beast
I´m consumed gradually by


Petrified eyes, gelid hands, hormonal mutation
Sweat glands in high productivity
Controlled peristalsis
Catatonic and in shock
Coma was the entrance door
To the commanded troop of spinal cord
My blood seems coagulated
I cut myself and bleed plasmatic water

White monsters always seeking something inside my mouth
Experimental servant
They search some haldol, I bow and scrape my mentor
To not swallow this self destruction

"The world will fall down
My vision foresee disgrace
Betrayers, denounced me
I was hit by an arrow
Subdued to unfinished tortures
Locked and tied in my own temple of phobias
I hear the deafening scream of agony´s child"
My soul yields and implores while I feel my blood burning
The psyche deforms in absolute despair
As my epidermis lacerates
I heard so far away the calling of reaper

The world stops
Madness is an eternal blasphemy
The sanity silences
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