System Not Working Lyrics

You see the people them walking along,
Walking along, walking along
You see the people them walking along.
Some of dem, no look so strong
(See them a galong deah)
Whether or not
They have no choice
If they don't do it
They're losing out a lot
And with all of that
They still can't see themselves
Even when they're up against the stuff

It don't make no sense you sit down cross way the fence,
With your hands on your jaw, and your face
Hanging down,
Wearing a frown. O yea,
That na go help nothing, so gwaan go
Try something
The system is not working for you,
Working for you, working for you
The system is not working for
It is so hard for you to go through.
Look how hard you've been trying.
What have you been achieving
It seem so hard to know
You just can't get the right flow
Where do you go from here
You just can't see your share
Where has it all gone
Is it out there somewhere
Can it be found
It's up to you to know
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