Reggae Rock and Roll Lyrics

We're gathering. We're gathering. Sanctifying your soul.
Send my sons from the ends of the earth.
We're sanctifying your soul.
Send my sons from the end of the earth.
We are gathering the fold.
Been on this mission many times before.
And if it's possible, I'll trod some more.
Suffer not the children, sanctify their soul.
This is the gathering of Jah fold.
The soul. Come make we rock and roll.
Reggae rock and roll. Cause we're gathering the fold.
Jah say.... Jah say.... Jah say ....
Cast your net on the other side.
He make I fisher of men.
More than the sands on the seashore,
Greater than the stars up in the skies.
AU things shall pass away. Underneath the sun.
Music alone shall live. Never gonna die-
Sanctify your soul. Make we Rock and roll.
Said we're gathering the fold. / Sanctifying your soul.
Ninety and nine were brought to the fold.
And there was one left out there in the cold.
The good shepherd went in search for his soul.
This is the gathering of the fold.
Your soul. Reggae rock and roll.
Gathering the fold. Sanctify your soul.
It's music, music in your soul.
Like do re mi fa so la ti do!!
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