Real and Right Lyrics

Oh what a competition
But Jah is my highest region
Rocking through revelation
Chanting to Jah holy nation
Come wash your sins away little children
Wash your sins away
Forgive, that your sins may be forgiven
Wash your sins away
Oh what a situation come pon Jah creation
Worldwide confusion...well...nuclear explosion
You better love Jah children, instead of trying to kill them
Jah will visit you with vengeance
You can't defeat him with violence
There must be creation and Jah Jah to reign
There must be a people to call upon his name
Lucifer is wounded, he loses the fight
Think everything is rightJah will come so real and right
Jah will come so real and right
Nuclear explosion
Nuclear condemnation
Upon all nation
Won't you stop from fuss and fight
Jah will come so real and right
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