Rapture Lyrics

My time is yours, your time is mine, we knew the deal when we got together baby
Right from the start you captured my heart, there's no need to question how I feel
Rise with the sun, moving as one, A certain kind of something in the air
Caught in the spell, the moment I fell, you took me right round to love
Can't wait to start another day, we'll be laughing all the way
In the rapture of you. Taking me over, pulling me under, never let me go
Rapture of you. Feeling forever, moments of wonder never let me go
Rapture of you. Never let me go
We're taking flight, into the light, far into the atmosphere
Wherever we go I surely know, this river flows to paradise
We're beautiful the way we are, and we live among the stars

Far above the world we'll fly

Living for the love, for the love, for the love of you
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