I See the Sun Lyrics

I'm not the average kind of girl
If you could take a peek inside my head you'd wonder
Always full of thought, always trying to figure out the very meaning of life
I go from day to day, and yeah I have some bad days
You're probably not a stranger to them too
But more and more I get a feeling, an awakening, its unexplainable
and it takes the fear away
I see the sun, it shines a little brighter today
'cos I decided to find the peace inside, rearrange my mind
I find a freedom when I try to see that there's more to life
It helps me make it through the day...
I'm so sensitive, so emotional
I let the sadness creep inside sometimes
I lose myself in doubt, always trying to figure out the meaning of my life
I'm only human and I've got to know those days are ok
There's a blessing called a point of view
If I allow it to relax my vibe and take it light
I don't have to be afraid, no, no, no

Ooooh there's more...
(I feel the sun on my windowpane and it feels so good, yeah)
I see the sun it shines a little brighter
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